• China Z.S.B Metal Product CO.,LTD certification
  • China Z.S.B Metal Product CO.,LTD certification

QC Profile

1. Personnel participating in the technical disclosure should read the drawings thoroughly, ask questions if they do not understand, and communicate with the designers frequently.
2. Operators must strictly follow the drawings, contracts, technical specifications, process regulations and sample construction. Each type of work should strictly follow the above requirements to meet the design requirements and ensure product quality.
3. Each team conducts self-inspection frequently or regularly during the construction process, reports any problems found in time, handles major quality accidents in a timely manner and immediately reports to the company leaders, and records the processing process and results. Learn lessons to avoid the same accident from happening again.
4. Project managers, technical directors, and quality inspectors organize project quality monitoring procedures and quality management measures to monitor the entire process of project quality, and special personnel are required to track and monitor key processes.
5. Stainless steel products, whether they are sheets or tubes, must be carefully compounded and dimensioned in strict accordance with the drawings and process regulations before cutting.
6. When bending stainless steel sheets, it is necessary to test the knife, and calculate the pressure of the machine tool and which knife to fold first and which knife to fold next. Prevent waste.
7. Stainless steel products, whether they are sheets or tubes, are welded where required by the drawings and process regulations, and the construction is strictly in accordance with the welding process regulations to prevent welding deformation.
8. When stainless steel products, whether sheet or pipe, need to be polished or wire-drawn after welding, care must be taken to maintain the same plane as the original metal material (do not grind out depressions). When polishing and wire-drawing, special attention should be paid to the metal material not to be over-burned . "Materials will be deformed after overburning and cannot be polished)
9. After the finished product is processed and passed the inspection by the inspector, it must be packaged to prevent the outer surface from being scratched or bruised. (Need to wear clean gloves when packing).

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